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We believe energy not used is energy saved. That’s why we integrate ‘smart façade’ features into many of our designs – using natural, renewal energy sources to meet a building’s energy needs and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

Sharvain 2560 1440

Our smart façade process

1. Initial analysis

  • Determine requirements, constraints and opportunities

2. Planning

  • Find the most feasible solution
  • Provide documentation for approvals
  • Schedule required components and their effect on the façade elements

3. Delivery and installation

  • Manufacture items and components
  • Install/integrate into the façade
  • Networking
  • Connect to the building management system

4. Commissioning

  • System configuration and customisation (if required)
  • Trials and final handover

5. Training

  • Initial training
  • Procedures or instructions for further adjustments (if required)

6. Operation and maintenance

  • Maintenance and update of hardware and software (if required)
  • Ongoing customisation during building operation (if required)